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Welcome to the Alban Corporation's website. For over 30 years, we have been a leading company in the Japanese mahjong table market. With our industry-leading share, we meet the diverse needs of our customers through the sale, wholesale, and manufacture of high-quality mahjong tables. From large mahjong parlor chains to nursing homes and individual customers, we bring the joy of mahjong to many people.

Company Overview

Business Description

- Sales and online retail of automatic mahjong tables and mahjong equipment

- Maintenance and management of mahjong equipment

- Consulting for store openings

With over 30 years of experience and numerous clients, our company holds a top-class share in the comprehensive sales and maintenance of mahjong equipment in the industry.

Products Handled

We offer a wide range of automatic mahjong tables for both commercial and home use, including both new and used options. In addition, we have a comprehensive selection of accessories such as manual mahjong equipment, chairs, and side tables. With our extensive knowledge, unique to our company with an overwhelming market share, we provide after-sales services including maintenance.

In-house Products

Alban's "Slim Series" is characterized not only by its compact design but also by its affordability. This cost-effective series is easy to manage after purchase, with daily maintenance being straightforward. This convenience makes it particularly suitable for home use and an ideal choice for users in urban areas with limited space.


Fully Automatic Mahjong Table "Slim Score 28S" with Score Display [Foldable and Movable Legs] White 2023 Model


Fully Automatic Mahjong Table "Slim Score 28S" with Score Display [Foldable and Movable Legs] White 2023 Model



Color [White or Black]

Legs [Folding, Movable Feet or Table Legs, Kotatsu Legs]

Tile Size [28mm Tiles or 33mm Tiles]

Automatic Mahjong Table Catalogue

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Company Information


Established Legacy

Founded on May 8, 1990, Alban Corporation offers a wide range of new and used fully automatic and manual mahjong tables for both commercial and home use.

Dedicated Service

We provide optimal service to our customers not only in sales but also in storage and maintenance of mahjong tables, establishing our position as a comprehensive seller of mahjong supplies.

Market Leading Innovation

We sell our own developed fully automatic mahjong tables, boasting a top-class market share through innovative technology and years of experience.

Contact Information

To our overseas customers:

Thank you for your interest in the products of Alban Co., Ltd.

For purchases or inquiries from abroad, please contact us here. Our specialized staff will provide detailed guidance on product

information, the purchasing process, and delivery options. We are committed to providing the best service tailored to your needs.

Alban Co., Ltd.

1Chome-16-17Kanamecho,Toshima City, Tokyo Japan


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